Is Fashion Superficial?


Here’s a question I’ve been grappling with for a while now. If you take the definition of superficial (as provided to me via Google search) then yes, Fashion literally IS superficial because it most commonly refers to things like Clothing and accessories that we do indeed wear on the surface. The question always bothered me because I equated spending so much time and money on your appearance as vain and if Fashion is superficial and you are concerned about fashion that makes you superficial and also encourages superficiality in others. 

The thing is that this view of things clearly ignores the positive effects of effective personal style such as an increase in self confidence and self esteem. It is an extremist view that doesn’t take into account that being stylish and having good personal style does NOT always require extravagance and frivolity. The way we incorporate Fashion into our lives should be a reflection of our personal ideologies and should allow us to express our individual personalities in our day to day activities. If we want to be balanced individuals who seek practicality as well as personal expression then we can develop our style in accordance with those values.

The mistake most people make is that they try to follow trends or copy other people’s style simply because they admire it rather than seeing first if that would actually suit them personally. I believe if we can study our lifestyle and identify a personal style that makes us feel more confident and lets us express ourselves then we can make better decisions when buying clothing and accessories and when we make those better decisions we’ll be able to spend less money and time on Fashion and still feel like our best. So even though Fashion may be superficial, what counts is how we use it and incorporate it into our individual lives.

Fashion can be a positive, creative force in your life, you just have to learn how to use it as such.